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Milthin Ribbons Start At $3.25
We offer three types of mounted ribbons for any and all occasions! Choose from Mil-Thin™ ribbons, Slide-On ribbons, and Miniature ribbons. No matter the style of ribbon rack, it is mounted to military regulations according to your branch’s regulations. Every rack is hand-mounted by experts and Quality Checked by our Military Awards Specialists.
Mil-Thin Ribbons for Uniforms Slide On Ribbons for Uniforms Mini Ribbons Example For Veterans
Mil-Thin™ ribbons are designed to be perfect for your uniform; they are mounted together and lay flat. By default, they have pin clutch backings so they will stay on all day. We offer magnetic backing as well so you can easily keep your ribbon rack on your uniform without the tiny holes that come with pin clutch backing. We do not recommend magnetic backing if you have a pacemaker. Slide-On ribbons are considered the “traditional” way to have your ribbons mounted. Every ribbon is slid in place on a mounting bar. The Slide-On ribbons are available in mirror mounting, staggered mounting, and magnetic backing, just like the Mil-Thins so you have the same options but with a different style of ribbons. Miniature, or Mini-Ribbons are a great way to wear your ribbons in a more casual setting and are not authorized for wear on uniforms. They are, however, excellent to pin to your polo, your cubicle wall, a hat, back, or jacket- the possibilities are endless! Even with the smaller ribbons you can still get your devices attached to your ribbons. Wear your pride in your service anytime, anywhere.

Your ribbon rack is hand-crafted by experts with precision you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s all done right here at Medals of America. We take pride in our ribbon racks, and that’s why your satisfaction is guaranteed; before every order ships your rack is inspected by a member of our veteran staff. Our quick turnaround time is unmatched- whether you need your ribbons in three weeks or three days, we can make it happen. If you need your mounted awards for your next uniform inspection, Medals of America is the way to go!

ribbon racks on jackets
Our Mil-Thin™ ribbons are always uniform ready and can be mounted with a staggered pattern, mirror mounted, or with 1/8” spacing between rows. Slide-On ribbons also have a mirror mount option and 1/8” spacing. Wear them on your uniform, blazer, suit, anywhere you want! The miniature ribbons are mounted the same as Mil-Thin™ ribbons but a fraction of the size. They are perfect to wear on a polo to work or a hat at the golf course.


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