Commemorative Ribbons


Looking to recognize a military event or achievement in your display that may not have an official ribbon? Medals of America has a collection of commemorative ribbons for just that purpose. We've designed a huge array of ribbons commemorating campaigns, units, service and achievements across the U.S. Armed Forces. We have every branch of the military covered with quality, distinctive ribbons that look great displayed on one of our many holding bars. Throughout the history of the United States military, service members and civilians have created commemorative pieces for events and accomplishments that didn't get their own official ribbons from their respective branches. While not appropriate for uniform wear, these pieces are a fantastic way to honor service that would otherwise be forgotten. In keeping with this long tradition, Medals of America designs piece for those less celebrated accomplishments. Commemorative ribbons make especially good gifts, as service members may not have acquired them over the course of their careers. Through story telling or a glimpse at service records, it is easy to find commemorative ribbons that are appropriate to any soldier. They will appreciate this display-worthy way of recording their time as a soldier in the U.S. military.

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