Custom Brass Plates


Life in the military is great and it offers many tangible records of your accomplishments and experiences. Medals, awards, name it, the military has it, and that’s on top of any other cool mementos you picked up along the way! There’s just one problem with getting these great awards: it’s tough to display them. Of course, soldiers and veterans know the score for when you think an obstacle is getting too difficult. That’s when it’s time to adapt and overcome! Accordingly, many soldiers and veterans create cool display frames and shadow boxes to show these awards off. Then there is a new challenge: what kind of accessories can help best show off everything in your display? The answer to this is nice and simple: custom brass plates! These plates allow you to label various awards and mementos so that somebody can immediately identify their importance. And since it’s a brass plate, it ends up both looking classy and being able to go with just about anything. At Medals of America, we sell a variety of custom brass plates. Whether you need something of modest size or something a little bigger, we’ve got you covered. We can add any custom message you want, whether it’s one line all the way to fifteen lines! There may be other places you can find custom brass plates. But we know there is nowhere else that can offer the selection, quality, and one of a kind service that you will find right here at Medals of America.

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