Military Car Emblems & Accessories


Our metalic car emblems are ready for your car, motorcycle, cooler, fridge, or whever you want to display your pride. The metalic car emblems we carry have a high quality adhesive backing that is guaranteed to last the rainy summer months and the frigid winter. Just peel off the protective seal and place it on any flat, dry surface you want. Show your pride as a member of the Seabees, the 18th Military Police Brigade or your patriotic pride. Our ever-growing selection of metallic car emblems cover a wide variety of badges, medallions, logos, and units from across all branches of the military. Most of the emblems have a sleek and classic look with only being black and silver, while some have color like for a service ribbon or medal. If you're looking for a metallic car emblem to match your uniform, we have certain badges as car emblems so you can always ride with pride. Not military? We have the iconic Gadsden, "Don't Tread on Me" design just for you and your truck or car. Place your metallic car emblem on any flat, clean, smooth surface and it'll last for years-- that means years of pride and honoring your service wherever you go.

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