Military Challenge Coins


U.S. Military Challenge Coins

Make sure you never lose another challenge, a coin check, or buy that round of drinks. arry your military challenge coins with you. Military challenge coins have been used since WWI and were issued to service men and women as symbols of brotherhood, and sisterhood, and unity.

This tradition is still carried on to this day and carries with it stories to tell. Tell your story through our wide variety of challenge coins that are guaranteed to impress. Carry the military challenge coins representing you, your unit, division, branch, or conflict, and always be prepared for a coin check in the barracks or at the bar.

More Than Just Military Challenge Coins

We offer a wide variety of challenge coins from a Navy Dixie Cup coin, religious challenge coins like the Star of David coin and The Armor of God coin, to our presidential challenge military challenge coin collection honoring eight iconic and influential presidents like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

Add to your ever-growing collection, give them as a gift, or put them in your shadow box, hanging coin case, or desk display, and they will please and impress everyone you know and anyone who challenges you at the bar.

Our military challenge coins are made of metal and perfectly printed and designed in-house and just for you

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