Bring your favorite military look into your civilian wardrobe with fatigue tops and bottoms from Medals of America. We carry a variety of fatigues, from vintage Vietnam-era pants to utilitarian tactical shirts. They let you get the rugged, practical feel you're used to, offering plenty of pockets and a comfortable fit. If you love the look and feel of fatigues even when you're out of uniform Medals of America has the style you need. Medals of America offers custom embroidery on some of our tactical and fatigue pieces. Simply click on the item you'd like to purchase and you'll see where you can customize the look. Click on those areas to see a long list of options for rank, text and even novelty embroidery and patches. You'll find something for every branch of the military and a variety of conflicts, so you can really personalize your fatigues. Whether you're looking to customize the look with your credentials or commemorate a loved one who served, we are happy to help you make something special. At Medals of America, we care about quality. All of the clothing at Medals of America is constructed and designed with style, function and durability in mind. We offer only the best in fabrics and craftsmanship for your fatigues. We professionally embroider and attach patches to each custom piece, inspecting to ensure longevity. We strive to make every design, crisp and detailed, so the specifics stand out, leaving no doubt about your service.

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