Marine Corps Insignia & Badges

The United States Marine Corps has a history of clean, sharp uniforms that include Marine insignia representing your occupation, rank, skills and unit. These pieces make you stand out in all the ways you've succeeded and served as a member of the United States Marine Corps. Your insignia shows where you belong in the Corps, as well as a means of identification. Be sure to browse our links to uniform guidelines at the bottom of the page for USMC uniform traditions if you are going to wear your Medals of America Marine insignia on your uniform. The huge selection of top-notch insignia with secure posts and backings here at Medals of America include important symbols of the skills and ranks you acquired over the course of your service in the United States Marine Corps. All Medals of America Marine insignia are designed with strict adherence to the Institute of Heraldry guidelines. It is of the utmost importance to us that all of our products are worthy of the Marines who earned them. These pieces will look polished and professional, whether they are worn pinned on a uniform or displayed in a shadow box. Browse our collection of Marine insignia now for your pieces. Our collection includes hat and collar insignia packaged by the veterans on staff at Medals of America. Each piece is handled with the care it deserves to ensure authenticity and satisfaction.

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