Marine Corps Insignia & Badges


The Marine Corps is one of the most elite fighting forces in the world and plays a critical and unique role in the U.S. military. Some of their responsibilities include infantry support, counterintelligence, and guarding U.S. Embassies overseas and transport. The insignia and badges of the Marine Corps reflect their tireless work and well-deserved rank. Since Marines are the military’s emergency force and are often the first fighters on the scene, they must mobilize quickly. Their insignia and badges must be constructed with durable posts and strong backings to withstand the many duties performed by members of the Marine Corps. At Medals of America, we take pride and care in the construction of our range of USMC insignia and badges to make them worthy of the fighting men and women who have earned them. At Medals of America, all items with Marine insignia are carefully crafted in strict accordance with the United States Institute of Heraldry guidelines so you can be assured of the accuracy and quality craftsmanship of your badges and insignia. Before our high-quality Marine Corps insignia is shipped, our products are checked and handled by U.S. military veterans to ensure authenticity. Explore our collection of USMC insignia for sale to find the insignia and badges that proudly display your role and rank in this vital military institution. We carry a wide range of Marine Corps hat insignia and collar insignia that look just as magnificent pinned on a uniform as they do displayed in a commemorative shadow box. We also carry a range of Marine Corps patches to complement your uniform or sew onto civilian clothes.

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