Military Gear & Accessories


There is one thing, besides your phone and walet you can't comfortably leave the house without, and that's your gear. Of course you need your watch and sunglasses to tackle the day ahead. Who knows, wherever you're going, you might need a knife or a lighter. We aren't here to judge, we are here to keep your life prepared for the unexpected, the ebb and flow of every day, and the fun weekends with the guys. Our bags and packs will keep you organized, prepared, and confident in your adventures, day at work, or hunting. Protect your eyes from the harsh rays year round with our collection of American Made sunglasses we know you'll love as much as we do. We get how tricky it can be to find exactly what you need for a weekend in the woods, or just something to make you feel safe. A lot of us at Medals of America carry around small pocket knives to open packages, letters, or to prepare for the unexpected. Because you never know what'll happen, so be prepared. Our collection of gear is veteran tested and approved so we know you'll love everything we have to offer from small packs for work to an entire knife collection the professionals love.

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