Custom Name Tapes


Name tapes are an important part of any soldier’s uniform. They identify who you are to the world and give you a way to proudly display your service to your country. However, many soldiers and veterans have difficulty finding the kinds of custom name tapes they need for their uniforms. You may have an issue finding a place that can do the kind of tasteful custom embroidery you need. Finally, some vendors are annoying because they just don’t give you enough tapes! At Medals of America, we’re out to change all that with our wide selection of custom name tapes. This wide selection ensures that you can find name tapes that perfectly coordinate with all of your uniforms. This gives you a clean and professional appearance to everyone from civilians to your CO. And we can handle the most complex embroidery jobs when it comes to our custom name tapes. Furthermore, we sell our name tapes in packs of three, which is a great way to save you time and money. Why order these one at a time when you’re going to need more than one for your uniforms? Medals of America doesn’t think you should compromise when it comes to your uniform, just as you don’t compromise when it comes to your service. If you need the best custom name tapes in the business, then come see what all we can offer!

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