Custom Dog Tags


Dog tags have a long and rich history when it comes to military service. They don’t just help identify who you are to your fellow soldiers. Dog tags also serve as an instant visual symbol of your service in the military to any civilian who sees them. Despite being so important, many soldiers and veterans settle for standard issue name tags. And while those are design classics, we recommend checking out our selection of custom dog tags. One look at everything we have will show you exactly what you’ve been missing. First, we’ve got more color than you can shake a stick at. Tired of those gray dog tags? We have brass, green and blue. And, of course, plenty of dog tags featuring red, white, and blue! With all of these color options, it’s easy to find one that best represents who you are. There are plenty of styles with our custom dog tags as well. We have dog tags that show off your branch of service, your faith...these are the cornerstones of what you’ve done and what you believe, and we have them all in bold and beautiful dog tag form. And all of our custom dog tags have a full range of customization options as well. You can include up to five lines of text on each dog tag, fully customizing it with any information that you want to immortalize in dog tag form. Come check out everything we have to offer today!

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