Coast Guard Coins


The United States Coast Guard fulfills a unique role as is defends national borders and ensures safe and lawful commerce. From patrols to daring sea rescues, many of the Coast Guard’s brave heroes are known to their homeland and many international souls as saviors at sea. Coast Guard Coins are designed to represent fleets, ships, shore commands, special sea task forces, and specific missions. The missions cover everything from search and rescue to environmental protection, and even involve escorts and interception in times of war or turbulent crime sprees at sea. The Coast Guard already has some of the most robust, unique badges and medals in the service, and the Coast Guard Coins are just as diverse. There are many official designs that are hard to come by, and collectors can enjoy rare discoveries as they look through the selection while researching great missions at sea. As with all other military branches, most Coast Guard Coins follow a set of official and uniform themes while delivering a more custom and mission-specific appearance to one of the coin’s faces. Many coins use the Coast Guard Seal on one side while using their own custom design on the reverse, and may include specific etchings along the edge. Look through the collection of Coast Guard Coins to see the regal designs, mission-specific minting, and unique stories on every face.

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