U.S. Army Hats & Caps


You would have never gone outdoors with your cover while you were serving, and there's no reason that you have to now with the fantastic selection of U.S. Army hats from Medals of America. Were you an All-American member of the 82nd Airborne delivering death from above in Vietnam? Have you stared down insurgents through the sights of a tank in a desert far away while fire and brimstone rained around you, earning your place in the Old Ironsides? Medals of America's selection of Army hats covers a wide range of divisions and conflicts so you can find the right cap for your record. Whether you were a hard-working sergeant or a tough-as-nails colonel, the custom rank hat can be adjusted to match your rank. If you would prefer something that shows off your raw American spirit, check out the U.S. flag hat or the Liberty or Death cap with the iconic snake of the Continental Marines. The disabled veteran hat should go into the hats of every person who has served and been injured so that they receive the utmost respect whenever people see them in public. Army hats make great heirlooms for your kids, so grab a few extra to give them while you share tales of camaraderie and bravery in the face of adversity. When their friends or colleagues see them wearing the hat, they will have an opportune to proudly tell them that their family member served our nation's armed forces with dignity and valor.

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