Military Hat Pins


In or out of the military, a member or veteran of the Armed Forces will always be used to wearing a cover. Accessorize your hat collection with pins that represent various aspects of your service. You can pin as many as you want to your cap or hat, giving yourself and others a daily reminder of the sacrifices you and your brothers-in-arms have made to keep this country and others safe. Medals of America offers a huge variety of military hat pins for every branch of the United States Armed Forces. All of our hat pins gleam with a metallic polish that stands up to your busy life. They feature strong mounts and tried-and-true backings to help keep your pins in place well after your hats are worn out. Among our collection of high quality military hat pins, you will find veteran, unit, division, award, anniversary, command, mission and ribbon pins. Because of their quality and design, Medals of America pins make excellent gifts for the service members and veterans in your life. Medals of America is owned and operated by veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Our staff takes as much pride in handling your military memorabilia as you do in wearing it. We make sure each piece is carefully inspected, verifying that any official symbols on our pins are as authentic as possible. As our way of giving back to those who serve, part of the proceeds of your purchase is donated to Morale Welfare Recreation activities through Army Life and Marine Corps Life.

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