Coast Guard Rank

The United States Coast Guard has been around for nearly as long as our nation. In its several hundred years of service to the United States, it's developed a structure of rank similar to that of the U.S. Navy. Each of the Coast Guard ranks is earned through hard work and dedication to protecting our shores. Every Coast Guardsmen displays his or her rank on their uniform, making it easy for other Guardsmen to identify them. Wear your Coast Guard rank according to uniform regulations and everyone will know your important position in the Coast Guard. Medal of America's collection of Coast Guard rank insignia is carefully crafted according to the guidelines set forth by the Institute of Heraldry. The detailed stars, stripes, shields and chevrons of rank are beautifully rendered on our pieces, ensuring that you can take pride in wearing or displaying a Coast Guard rank insignia from Medals of America. We strive to create eye-catching pieces with the authenticity and quality deserving of our United States Coast Guard. The staff behind Medals of America includes knowledgeable veterans, the best people in the world for ensuring that every Coast Guard rank insignia that leaves our hands is up the standards of the USCG. When you purchase your Coast Guard rank insignia from Medals of America, we donate part of the proceeds from your purchase to Army Life and Marine Corps life to support Morale Welfare Recreation activities for our soldiers.

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