Coast Guard Rank


The United States Coast Guard has a unique role in the armed forces. During peacetime, active duty servicemen and women enforce maritime law and work to preserve our nation's waterways. During times of war, they become an integral part of the U.S. Navy to protect our freedom. At Medals of America, we recognize the tireless work of the members of the Coast Guard, so we offer high-quality Coast Guard ranks and badges to communicate your hard-earned position and show respect to the institution you serve. Our U.S. Coast Guard ranks are created with the utmost respect for the uniform of the Coast Guard. So, we only use the highest-quality materials and take pride in constructing our rank insignia to last. Each of our U.S. Coast Guard ranks features a durable backing and sturdy post so that your rank stays in place no matter the activity. The stars and stripes on the shield are beautifully rendered in silver, with the gold chevrons of rank shining brightly underneath denoting your rank. In our selection of ranks, you can find Coast Guard officer ranks and Coast Guard enlisted ranks. So, no matter which rate you hold, we have the rank that indicates your dedication to protecting our nation’s shores. All our Coast Guard ranks are carefully inspected by our staff of military veterans to ensure that your USCG ranks are up to the exacting standards of the Coast Guard uniform. We also adhere to the guidelines of the Institute of Heraldry to ensure accuracy and authenticity in every piece of Coast Guard insignia and USCG rank that we create.

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