Name Plates


Every branch of the United States Armed Forces has its own uniforms, often several of them. They include dress uniforms, combat fatigues and others. Passing uniform inspection means having all of the right military uniform accessories in the right places. From your collar to your boots, everything must be in place, clean and in perfect condition. Medals of America understands how important it is to have the right accessories for all of your uniforms, which is why we carry an ever-expanding stock of uniform accessories for active duty members of the United States Armed Forces. Medals of America keeps only the best items in stock, as we want you to always look your best. You'll find everything you need here, right down to the crisp, white parade gloves that accessorize the dress blues of every Marine. Made of the best materials, these tailored gloves represent the quality of Medals of America accessories with their careful seams and regulation look. These, and our other pieces, are products you can be proud to wear with your uniform. From the owner of Medals of America to the people packing your shipment, everyone here has a deep understanding of uniform regulations in every branch of the military. That is because they are veterans of our Armed Forces, dedicated to making sure your uniform accessories, insignia and patches are up to the rigorous standards of every branch. You'll love the way your uniform looks with our high-quality, regulation accessories, handled with care every step of the way.

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