Military Conflict Patches


Where a member of the Armed Forces served is nearly as important as how they served. The selection of conflict patches from Medals of America spans across nearly a century of American soldiers, sailors, and aviators who have fought against the tide of oppression that is always threatening to wash over the world. The conflict patches from Medals of America start with World War II patches that celebrate the remaining members of the 16 million Americans who ended the evil reign of Hitler in Europe and stifled the Japanese aggression in Asia and the Pacific islands. From there, the conflict patches travel through the Cold War to remember the efforts to stop the Iron Curtain from closing over the world. This includes a stop in Korea, where the American forces helped prevent South Korea from falling into the dystopian nightmare of the Kim family's regime. The Cold War didn't end there, spilling over into the Vietnam conflict where over 58,000 Americans died fighting in the swampy jungles. The modern era of war is covered as well, including patches for Desert Storm, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, and the Global War on Terrorism. With the right conflict patches, you can display your own service record on your jacket for reunions or honor a family member who served with a memorial flag or scrapbook.

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