Morale Patches


After you load up your jacket, bag, or flag with patches commemorating the branch, units, and conflicts in which you served, it's time to add some morale patches that help illuminate anyone inspecting them as to who you are as a person. The majority of the patches are humorous, showcasing the often politically incorrect humor of those who have no time to mince words. Not a morning person? Declare that conversations are off-limits with the "Mornings Are for Coffee and Contemplation" patch. If you don't need anyone sticking their nose in your business, rattle them off with the Gadsden Flag and its "Don't Tread on Me" slogan. Some of the patches fill a hole that can't be satisfied by anything else. For those who have too many fallen brothers and sisters to fit a patch for each one, the "In Memoriam" patch is a fitting reminder of lost friends with its triangular flag design. The pain of comrades lost when they were captured by the enemy or went missing in action, most never to return, can be remembered with the POW-MIA patch. The last category is the informative patches. A nurse or corpsman patch can be helpful for directing injured people to you in case of an emergency if you have medical training and supplies on hand. You can also find morale patches for the various blood types, potentially saving your life if you need a transplant and don't have dog tags or the genius doctor forgets to check for them. There are far too many morale patches to describe, so browse through the catalog to find the ones that fit you the best.

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