U.S. Navy T-Shirts


Serving in the United States Navy is a source of pride for every sailor. It takes bravery, dedication and hard work to be among the men and women of the United States Navy. That is why sailors can often be found wearing Navy memorabilia even when they're out of uniform. They switch from uniforms to Navy t-shirts embellished with the same symbolism that accents their regulation clothing. From active duty to veteran status, Navy t-shirts keep the spirit of the USN alive in the wearer. Medals of America has a great selection of Navy t-shirts in stock. Some of them are funny and light-hearted. Others represent units, battles and the Navy itself with detailed symbols designed to be as authentic as necessary. We offer limited long-sleeve options as well for cool days. Every one of our Navy t-shirts is printed on comfortable, durable fabric. We print them right here at Medals of America in South Carolina. We're sure you'll love our selection, whether you're keeping a shirt for yourself or gifting it to someone special. More than 40 years ago, a veteran and his wife started Medals of America almost accidentally. Today, veterans run and staff the company, making it easy to ensure the best quality products. You can always be certain that the people who handle your T-shirts are the same people who would also wear them with pride. They know what you're looking for, and they help us make sure you get it. In the spirit of giving back to our military, Medals of America will donate a portion of your purchase to Morale Welfare Recreation activities through Army Life and Marine Corps Life.

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