Coast Guard Insignia


As the oldest continuous seagoing service, the United States Coast Guard is the first line of defense on our nation's coastal waterways and a vital part of the U.S. Navy during times of war. At Medals of America, we understand the pride you take in your job, whether you are saving lives, preserving the ocean environment or protecting our freedom. With responsibilities such as Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement and Military Readiness, members of the U.S. Coast Guard are highly active and need high-quality Coast Guard insignia that measures up to the daily rigors of life protecting the waters of our country. Our U.S. Coast Guard insignia is constructed from durable materials and mounted on sturdy posts with reliable backings that keep your rank in place at all times as a proud display of your service–whether it is Coast Guard enlisted rank insignia or Coast Guard collar insignia. At Medals of America, we are dedicated to providing accurate U.S. Coast Guard rank insignia and badges of superior quality. We carefully adhere to the military uniform guidelines as laid out by each branch of the military at every step of the design and manufacturing process. We are also proud to employ military veterans to check and handle every order so you can be assured of our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, whether it is our insignia, rank, patches or badges. Choose your rank from our collection of U.S. Coast Guard insignia. We offer an extensive range of cap and collar devices, badges and rank insignia you will be proud to wear, whether you are serving our country on active duty or enjoying a well-earned rest in your retirement.

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