From military survival knives to bug-out kits, we have options that can make survival training and true survival in the dangers of the unknown a lot easier to handle. Here at Medals of America, we want you to be prepared. Whether you’re camping with your family, practicing your survival skills with your military buddies, or are preparing for the worst, our survival kits will help you stay prepared and have a safe peace of mind. Our carefully selected collection of survival kits will make your job much easier. They’re tough, durable, and easy to use. Nothing man-made is immune to the ravages of time, but as long as we can build and maintain, we can at least keep up with time. Our survival kits are veteran tested, approved, and loved, so we know you’ll love ‘em too. We have it all from bags and packs, MREs, tools, first aid kits, and blankets, we have it all to keep you prepared. Browse our selection and see what you need for your next night in the woods, cabin, or add to your “just in case” stash. If you end up on an episode of Dooms Day Preppers or just need a bag for your next camping trip, our selection of survival kits will keep you prepared.

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