Memento Boxes


Our memento boxes are a great gift for yourself or your loved ones to store their keepsakes, like medals, dog tags, pictures, and paper records in. Each box has a velvet bottom so it won't damage furnature and keep it's integrity over the years. The memento boxes has a felt-lined interior with a removable tray that is also felt-lined to keep your important keepsakes organized and protected from a move across the country or the centerpiece of a display. Store your dog tags, medals, and mementos from your service protected in a gorgous memento box that'll last a life time. The boxes have a magnetic lid that will stay shut and is easy to open. They have a black satin finish all-over and a ceramic finished top that won't scratch or fade over time. We have memento boxes that represent every branch of the military, feature patriotic designs and quotes, and conflict-specific designs from World War II to the Global War on Terror. We have it all ranging from the soldier's creed to a Seymour Johnson Air Force Base box. We have the perfect memento box for anyone who has servied or any patriot.

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