Navy Ribbons

When you serve in the U.S. Navy, every milestone, skill or commendation you achieve is marked with a Navy ribbon. Over the course of your career, you will stack these ribbons on bars for proud display on your uniform. When your service is complete or your family wants to commemorate your hard work, they can be stored in a shadow box or similar display. They're among the most recognizable pieces of a military uniform, and Medals of America has a huge selection of them. When it comes time to display your ribbons, be sure to take a look at our links to uniform regulation guides below. There are strict rules about where your bars should be mounted and in what order your ribbons should be placed. If you want your Navy uniform or display to be up to regulations, check their order of precedence and build your rack from there. Other service members will appreciate the care you've shown. Medals of America's U.S. Navy ribbons are vivid, easy-to-identify pieces that will take the stress out of building your rack. Every ribbon you will find on Medals of America has a distinct purpose, be it recognizing a tour of duty or good conduct. As such, each stands for hard work, bravery, dedication and honor. They represent time spent away from family, blood, sweat and tears. We offer ribbons that honor those sacrifices with high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our staff of military veterans handles each piece to ensure the accuracy and quality of every delivery.

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