Medal Hat Pins


The veterans of America's armed forces put their lives on the line in order to preserve freedom and democracy, and awarding veterans medals for their service is one of the ways that the country tries to come close to giving them the honor they deserve. Many veterans will let their families place their medals in memorials or will wear their medals on the rare occasion they don their dress uniform, but you can encourage the veterans in your family to proudly display their accomplishments with the medal hat pins from Medals of America. Your Purple Heart veteran may not go around with their medal on their chest, but try slipping the Purple Heart Hat Pin onto their favorite cap to give them the surprise of a stranger thanking them for taking an injury in order to preserve peace and justice throughout the world. Heroic soldiers who earned a Bronze Star should have a pin on their conflict veteran hat to show that they went above and beyond during their service. There are dozens of medal hat pins available covering a wide variety from every branch of military service, such as the Navy Expeditionary Medal or the Army Achievement Medal. Compare your veteran's service record to the catalog to find a medal hat pin that they will cherish and wear on their cover without having to worry about looking too formal with a medal pinned on their chest.

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