U.S. Navy Challenge Coins


In the Navy, the challenge coin is well-known as a gift from Admirals, Captains, Commanding Officers, and other high-profile leaders. Navy Coins are sometimes handed out when a Sailor goes above and beyond the call of duty or stands out in some positive way that impresses Naval leadership. Many Navy Coins boast the official seal, emblem, and/or motto of a ship or a fleet. Shore commands have similar designs depicting their main mission and service to the fleet, and often match plaque and award emblems for top-performing sailors. In some cases, Navy Coins are used to thank a Sailor for a life-changing service. It can be presented in exchange for a favor or used to help a wayward Sailor find their way in tough times. Veterans who hold official command coins can often find advice and a helping hand from higher places if they continue to hold onto the values that delivered the coin in the first place. Pride, tradition, and loyalty are just some of the qualities minted into Navy Coins. As you look through the coin selection, keep in mind the honor and respect that goes into using the coins as a reminder of a job well done.

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