Spruce up your suit with a stylish tie from Medals of America. Why have a boring old tie when you can don the colors of your branch, boast the stripes of your awards or show off a detailed military logo? Wearing a suit is always a little less boring when you get to sneak military memorabilia into your look. Our military ties may not be appropriate for your dress blues, but they've got your civilian functions covered. Whether you're sitting in a church pew or behind a desk, our military ties are distinguished enough for the occasion. If you've earned a Purple Heart or are a Vietnam veteran, we've got a military tie you can wear proudly to will make your suit stand out. Medals of America has military ties with Army, Navy, Special Forces, and Marines logos. We have Korean War Service, Purple Heart, and Air Medals Stripes. All of the colors and designs on our stylish military ties are vivid and timeless, so you'll be able to wear them now or ten years from now. Military-inspired ties make a fantastic gift for any occasion. If you have a former or current service member in your family, you can show your pride in their service with one of our high-quality military ties. They'll love the silk fabrication, fade-resistant, classic designs we offer. The veterans on our staff handle each item with the utmost care, so you know your gift has been prepared for our country's best by our country's best.

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