Hitch Covers


Taking that rusty ball and bar out of your hitch receiver every time is a pain, so go ahead and replace it with a patriotic military hitch cover from Medals of America. Each military hitch cover is made from durable plastic that won't rust even if you spend a week plowing through mud in the pouring rain. Members from each branch of the armed forces can find a hitch cover that represents the one that was lucky enough to have their service. For the Seabee who went from engineering the battlefield to engineering family fishing trips, throw in a U.S. Navy Medallion hitch cover to keep your truck ready to hitch up and roll out when the stars align and the whole family has a day to spare on the lake. The retired U.S. Army sergeant who dove headfirst into the incoming fire from vile terrorists can take out their Army hitch cover and load up the trailer for a relaxing day working the fields on their farm. Veterans can also find covers that honor their service in previous conflicts involving the U.S. military. There is a military hitch cover for recent veterans of the war in Afghanistan to remove the terrible Taliban regime that burned its land, massacred its people, and supported the terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda. Those who kept vigilant through the Cold War have a military hitch cover to remember their service, as well as those who braved the jungles of Vietnam to turn back the tide of autocracy. Don't let your truck suffer from a dingy old hitch cover when any of these replacements are an affordable upgrade that protects the hitch receiver while adding an extra touch of patriotism.

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