Medals of America is proud to offer you everything from combat-ready footwear to dress shoes for members of the Armed Forces of the United States. No matter the terrain you face, be it the glossy floors of a your office’s break room or the rocky terrain of a desert mountain, we offer military shoes that will rise to the occasion. You have more important things to think about than your footing, so let us worry about the quality and durability of your military shoes for you, so you can be ready for anything. Among our collection of footwear, we have high and low-top sneakers from Altama, all designed for hard use. They even fit in military-use swimming fins, if you decide to hit the water. We also carry combat boots, from Vietnam-inspired jungle boots to tan boots ready to hit the sands of the Middle East. We even have you prepared for stateside occasions with glossy black military dress shoes that are the perfect match for your dress blues. Ready to hit the showers or the beach? We've got you covered for that too with our customizable flip flops. Every single pair of military shoes offered on Medals of America is made with quality materials and designed to be the best. Keeping your feet clean, dry and supported is an important aspect of healthy soldiering. We want to help you achieve that, whether you're heading out surfing, running errands or running operations. The veterans here at Medals of America know what you need to keep your feet combat ready.

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