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Shadow Boxes Start From $49.95

Build your shadow box exactly how you want: drag and drop your medals, ribbon rack, insignia, patches, challenge coins, and more! No matter your branch of service, we have everything you need to honor yours or a loved one’s military history and service. We will mount your shadow box just the way you designed it!

Mounting a Shadow box Official Medals Mounted Shadow Box

Our mounters will have your shadow box looking perfect, just the way you designed it. Hang it on the wall and enjoy for years to come!

Every award, medal, and insignia we use in your shadow box military-grade and officially licensed.

You design it and we'll build it! Build your shadow box today, and we will start mounting your awards.
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Shadow boxes are the foundation of what we do here at Medals of America. Providing access to hard-to-find medals and awards and using our techniques to get the best looking display to you as a center of family pride for generations to come. Order today and our military award specialists will go to work making sure that you get a first class experience. As Veterans ourselves, we know the value and honor in seeing a finished shadow box in the hands of a Veteran.
Please let us know if you have any questions at all at 1-864-862-6425.


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