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Made in the USA and inspected by Veterans to ensure your official awards are of the highest quality

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Build your shadow box exactly how you want; drag and drop your medals, ribbon rack, insignia, patches, challenge coins, and more! We will mount your shadow box just the way you designed it! No matter your branch of service, we have everything you need to honor your or a loved one's military history and service.

Full-size Medals

Hand-crafted, our expert mounters will build your shadow box just the way you designed it. Including all decorations selected as well as any other special features you added. Soon you can hang it on the wall and enjoy it for years to come!

Miniature Medals

Every award, medal, insignia, and challenge coin we use in your shadow box is military-grade and officially licensed, following all regulations set forth by each branch. Inspected by Veterans, your decorations will be of the highest quality.

Anodized Medals

You custom design it, and we'll build it! We guarantee your satisfaction when you build your shadow box with Medals of America. Ensuring the highest quality materials are used for the decorations within to the frame and glass they will be displayed in.

Official Awards Mounted in your Shadow Box

Military Shadowboxes

Shadow boxes are the foundation of what we do here at Medals of America. Providing access to hard-to-find medals and awards and using our techniques to get the best looking display to you as a center of family pride for generations to come. Order today and our military award specialists will go to work making sure that you get a first-class experience. As Veterans ourselves, we know the value and honor in seeing a finished shadow box in the hands of a Veteran.

Shadow Box Builder FAQs

What should I put in my shadow box?

Your shadow box is a reflection of your service that you want to pass down to the generations. Any item that you would have worn on your uniform, insignia, badges, ribbons, cap badges and medals are all appropriate. Adding rank, challenge coins, dogtags, pins and pictures as well makes these more unique. For other ideas and samples, please check out our blog.

If I'm making a shadow box for someone else how do I know what to include?

Using a DD124 or separation papers from the National Archives will give you the information you need. Learn more here.

You can also rely on your MOA Military Award Specialist to guide you through your needs and questions.

How fast can my rack be made and delivered?

Once we agree to a design or you purchase your shadow box design from this builder, it will usually take a few days in our mounting and quality control department before it gets heat sealed in plastic and is prepared for shipping.

We offer a variety of shipping options for all orders.

What about returns?

Our goal is satisfaction guaranteed, and we make returns easy.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

The shadow box I received

"The shadow box I received is outstanding. The quality is terrific. very professional. I am very pleased with the result and could not be happier. They did a great job!"

Roonald M.

Shadow box builder

"I wanted to build my Shadow Box for over a decade. The app was easy to use and I am unskilled in tech use. When I received my finished product I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!. Outstanding build."

Charles G.

Very happy with my shadow

"Very happy with my shadow box. Medals of America did a great job and even called me to confirm certain ribbons and medals were correct before shipping."

Donald L.

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