Holding Bars


Holding bars help you display your military medals and ribbons in a neat, structured way. They are necessary for wearing awards on your uniform correctly. Mounting bars certainly make displaying military medals in cases much easier too. No matter what you have in your collection–United States Navy medals, U.S. Coast Guard Ribbons or commemorative miniature medals–you will love the way they look mounted on one of our high-quality mounting bars. Holding bars for your medals, awards and ribbons from Medals of America attach to just about anything. Want to wear your ribbons on a ball cap or your favorite polo? Slide them on one of our holding bars and pin it on your favorite Medals of America apparel. They also pin to the backing of our shadow boxes nicely for display in your home or office. They are the best way to ensure straight lines, even spacing and proud, respectful use of the awards granted by our nation's military, as well as the commemorative pieces offered by Medals of America. The quality of all of our holding bars for use on everything from ball caps and jackets to your regulation military uniform is nothing short of excellent. We're staffed by veterans and licensed by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to ensure that these symbols of dedicated service are in keeping with our military's most beloved traditions. A portion of the proceeds of insignia sales goes to Army Life and Marine Corps life to aid in the readiness and happiness of our soldiers.

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