You’ve traveled around the country. Maybe even around the world. You may think you’ve seen and done just about anything. Despite all of this, it’s tough to be ready for the most annoying question you’ll get all night: “do you have a light?” Lighters are some of the greatest tools in your toolkit. Whether you’re lighting a cigar in celebration or just helping to light a fire, the lighter gives you strength and power. It’s like the myths of old, making you more than a man: you’re the god Prometheus, bringing fire to the people who don’t have it. At least, that’s what you are if you have a lighter. Otherwise, the person asking “do you have a light” is going to be pretty disappointed! Best to play it safe and invest in some high quality military lighters. And at Medals of America, we have some of the best military lighters in the world. These aren’t like some cheap gas station lighters that will die on you when you need them the most. Instead, our lighters are built to last. And to top it off, they look absolutely great, which guarantees you’ll be impressing people at the party long before the fire comes out. Medals of America believes in something simple: you should never compromise on your own happiness. If you’ve been needing some new lighters, then come see how we can take your lighter game to a whole new level. It’s not just good for you—it’s good for everyone around you, too!

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