Custom Jackets


No one has as much trouble finding a jacket as someone who is in the military or is a veteran of the military. This is because you want a true blend of form and function. Just like your uniform, a good jacket should help represent who you are even as it works with you and protects you. Unfortunately, most civilian jackets fall short in some way. Some of them are all style and no substance: they focus on making you look like an escaped runway model, and they do a poor job keeping you warm. Others have no style at all, making you feel like the bundled up kid from the Christmas Story movie. At Medals of America, our custom jackets are proof that we learned how to get things just right. We have a variety of styles, letting you choose the look that is right for you: that includes flight jackets, field coats, workman’s jackets, and more. They offer the functionality you need while having style to spare. And our custom jackets give you the option to make the jacket feel like it’s really yours. In addition to offering many different colors, you have the option to add special designs to help declare which branch you served in or which wars you have fought in. We can also add any text that you’d like to your custom jackets. Things like name, rank, years of service...if you can think it up, we can put it on the jacket and create something truly unique!

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