Army Badges

In the United States Army, soldiers qualify for badges for a variety of reasons. They can stand for marksmanship, be a means of identifying the soldier's rank and unit, combat or range of special skills. For a soldier, they're a physical representation of the places you've served, skills you've achieved. You can acquire as many as you earn over the course of your career, but there is a limit to the number you can wear on your uniform, so be sure to check out our links to uniform guidelines at the bottom of this page. Putting your Medals of America Army badges in the right location will help you pass when it comes time for inspection. From Combat Infantry Badges to a variety of officer badges, Medals of America has a huge selection of Army badges for your display or uniform. We carry pins, bars and medallions, along with cap badges and mini badges you can pin anywhere to display your pride in the skills you've earned in the United States Army. Whether you're looking for a gift, something for yourself or are creating a memorial for a soldier, you will find relevant, quality pieces among our selection of Army badges here at Medals of America. Medals of America is proud to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Institute of Heraldry to ensure the authenticity and quality of every piece that reaches our customers. We hire knowledgeable veterans who understand the importance of appearance in every branch of the United States military, so you know our products have been handled with care.

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