Military Medallions


You might say that military medallions from Medals of America embrace the big ideas. For veterans and active-duty members of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, they represent the spirit of the American nation, the branches of service and the entire history of a conflict, such as the Vietnam War or the Cold War. For example, you’ll find a Great Seal Medallion emblazoned with the Great Seal of the United States of America alongside medallions featuring the Air Force Wing, Army Seal, Navy Seal, Marine Corps Seal and Coast Guard Seal. To commemorate conflicts, the military medallions include a Vietnam Veterans of America medallion and Cold War Veteran medallion. The quality of these military medallions shows not only in how they feel to the touch but also in the details of their design. Each one is carefully crafted to demonstrate the pride of the service members who own them. The owners of Medals of America, who are all veterans and have a veteran’s commitment to integrity and quality, also hold that pride. They won’t let anything leave the warehouse if it isn’t up to their high standards. Military medallions are perfect for display. They’re not meant to be hidden in a drawer but to place in a Medals of America shadow box and put in a prominent spot in your home or office. Take a minute now to find the medallion or medallions that tell your story and order today.

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