Army License Plates


No one deserves to feel the freedom of the open road more than the soldiers who fight and bleed for the right to build those roads. These fearless men and women along with the families who support them can show that they have taken the road less traveled and are filled with valor by putting one of Medal of America's U.S. Army license plates on their vehicle. Hundreds of different plates provide a bevy of options for the discerning grunt or caring family member to choose between. There are generic U.S. Army license plates that feature images that any active duty or veteran soldier will recognize and love, such as the star and U.S. Army logo from the modern era, to the classics like the U.S. Army seal featured on the Army Veteran plate. Current and decommissioned divisions all have their own license plates for those who want to pay respect to the men and women that served alongside them. Every rank that a soldier receives represents a growth in how much their fellow soldiers above and below their new rank rely on them for support in both wartime and peace, so gifting one of the Army license plates with a rank insignia will let them have a small bit of extra recognition that they have more than earned. With so many U.S. Army license plates to pick and choose from, you will undoubtedly find the one that speaks to your service history or will make an excellent gift for another Army veteran that you know.

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