Air Force Ribbons


When you see a U.S. Air Force uniform, one of the things that you'll notice are bars of ribbons attached at the chest. Universal in the U.S. military, these rows of colorful stripes are actually smaller ribbons, each with its own distinct meaning. From commendations to skill achievements, ribbons are a symbol and record of service. Medals of America has a range of Air Force ribbons that you can stack for your uniform or a display case. You can even collect Air Force ribbons to display in honor of a family member who served in the U.S. Air Force. Displaying your Air Force ribbons correctly can be tricky. If you're wearing them on your uniform, it's very important that you get the order and placement of your ribbons correct. Even if you're putting them in a display case, proper placement shows the respect the Air Force ribbons deserve. You can check out the links we've provided below to learn more about uniform regulations. They will help ensure that your Medals of America ribbons are displayed correctly. In honor of the sacrifices members of the U.S. Air Force make to dispatch their duties honorably, Medals of America has taken the greatest care to ensure that each of our ribbons are not only accurate, but they are also high quality.

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