GWOT Coins


The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) began as a response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It signals the first major operations of the United States military and coalition forces as they fought against a new form of wide-scale violence. GWOT Coins are the newest challenge coins, and because they were introduced during an era of greater cooperation with more sophisticated missions, they offer many more specific symbols and meanings than in past conflicts. The Global War on Terrorism may have started with a battle against terrorists in the Middle East, but the missions involved are far-reaching. From combat fighting teams to intelligence powerhouses, many new commands, inter-branch task forces, and even multinational task forces were created. With every new group came a new form of camaraderie as people from not only different walks of life, but different forms of training and even different background training pooled together resources to work on new, common goals. GWOT Coins show symbols of special groups created to defeat a specific enemy, develop a new way to defend freedom and democracy around the world, or promote safety across international waters. Like many modern coins, GWOT Coins may be used by local and regional military leadership to award high-performance, highly heroic, and highly innovative service-members for a job well done. From routine promotions at the top of the pack to a split-second decision that saves lives and resources, GWOT Coins can land in the hands of heroes from many parts of America’s fighting forces.

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