Military Plaques


Military plaques from Medals of America add special meaning to home and office décor. As commemoration of service in the armed forces, plaques speak to the honor, dedication and courage of those who hold them and serve as inspiration to those who see them. Medals of America offers a full line of United States Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force and Coast Guard plaques, as well as custom plaques. These plaques have passed inspection by the veteran-owners of Medals of America, so you can be assured of their authenticity and quality. Among the available products in this special line are USMC retirement award plaques, Navy wall plaques and Navy retirement plaques, Coast Guar departing plaques and other memorabilia and conflict plaques, many others. You can sure of finding the one you’re looking for. Imagine the wall in your den at home or in your office decorated with the military plaques that represent your years of service. Like academic and other professional plaques, they speak to your experience and expertise as well as your patriotism and dedication. Military plaques also remind you of who you are and how much you’ve accomplished. They give you the inspiration you might need to accomplish even more now and in the future. They’re also an encouragement to those who view them to dedicate themselves to a higher purpose. Why wait to display the recognition you’ve earned by serving your country. Find the plaques you deserve in Medals of America’s collection and order them today

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