Hat Patches


When you're a member of the United States Armed Forces or a veteran, an average civilian hat just doesn't cut it. You can feel proud of your time in the military and show it with a hat that boasts your veteran status, expresses your opinions, commemorates battles or even just shows your humor and strength in the face of the obstacles being in the military has thrown at you. The hat patches offered here at Medals of America are perfect for sprucing up a baseball cap or boonie hat for use by a venerated member or former member of the United States Armed Forces. You'll find hat patches here at Medals of America for every branch of the military. You'll also find veteran patches for every branch, so you can honor your service and let others around you do the same. We also offer unit, division, mission, award and even novelty hat patches. They are perfectly sized for use on the front of hats. However, you can use them for the sides and back of hats or even jackets and motorcycle vests. These strong, durable patches are ready for anything. Veteran-owned and operated, Medals of America understands the pride and respect in which military memorabilia is worn. That is why we carefully inspect all of the products we offer, ensuring that any official symbols on our hat patches are authentic. We also want to give back to the members of our military, so we will donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to Army Life and Marine Corps Life to help fund Morale Welfare Recreation activities.

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