Military Patches


Military Patches are such a seemingly common and simple thing in life, but you would be surprised how difficult a patch can be when you’re going up and down isles at your local military supply or surplus store looking for your 34th Infantry Division patch to put on your pack, uniform, or jacket. If a specialized store doesn’t have your unit patch, who will? We do. Medals of America has a wide and expanse collection of unit patches just for you, so you don’t have to worry at the military supply store about getting it. We’ll have it and ship it to you quickly. If you are looking for the American flag patch that goes on your uniform’s right shoulder, look no further than here. If you’re looking for the perfect morale patches for your jacket to show to your buddies, add to your collection, or add to your range bag we also have those, so you don’t have to hunt in bins and buckets to find the perfect patch, you’ll just have to click ‘next page’. Lost your favorite Seabees patch or your Ranger tab patch? Worry not—our military patch collection has it. We have just about every unit, division, or service patch you can imagine. We don’t stop at uniform and morale patches, either. Our iconic black hat patches are sold as well so you can put your division, service, ship, or service ribbons on any hat you want.

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