Flag and display cases are the essence of who we are. Medals of America started as a two-person operation creating beautiful, intricate, and hand-made flag and display cases and shadow boxes for close friends and family and it has grown from there to where we are today. 42 years later we still take the same amount of craft and pride in our flag and display cases and deliver the same hand-crafted quality we always have. Look no further than the professionals at Medals of America when it comes to handling your flag and display cases. We understand the emotion behind crafting these cases and the care and attention to detail you expect from us and do it perfectly every time. Our flag and display case collection has grown to include memento and insignia boxes, coin cases, wall flags, sword cases, and of course our classic shadow boxes. All of these cases and boxes represent your time in the service accurately and respectfully. Most of our flag and display cases are customizable with laser engraving to create a unique case that is perfect for you or your loved ones. Choose from our collection of design options, add your own text and create something perfect.

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