Poncho liners


Don't be fooled by their simple name. Military poncho liners are much more than just that. Versatile, durable and easy to carry, poncho liners are an indispensable piece of military gear. They help protect you from the weather, with or without your poncho. Even better, they make the warmest, most lightweight blanket in your gear. Troops love their military poncho liners, which is why Medals of America stocks both camo and novelty-print military poncho liners, letting you get the warmth and comfort you want wherever you go. The military poncho liner has been a part of the military since it was issued during the Vietnam War. It was designed to attach to a poncho that protected soldiers from the torrential rain in the jungle. While the poncho was, and still is, great, it's no match for the beloved liner they added to the garment for warmth. While military poncho liners still function as they were initially intended, they spend most of their time as blankets soldiers can take with them everywhere. They're not just for military life anymore, either. Medals of America's military poncho liners have the same quality and construction that you've come to love in your military-issue blanket. However, you don't have to be on active duty to use them. Buy one for your trunk. It'll be great for picnics. Put one with your camping gear. It's lighter than a bedroll or a sleeping bag. Keep one as a throw on your couch. They're like any other blanket you have lying around, just better.

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