While the world has steadily become a safer place, enemies across the globe are doing everything they can to destabilize and disrupt a peaceful way of life. Even though every American knows that our fighting forces are the strongest on this planet, the constant barrage of attacks and associated propaganda can be alarming and make the world seem like a very violent place. You can do your part to make America feel safe again by wearing one of the (Global War on Terror) GWOT hats from Medals of America that commemorates your service in the GWOT. As you walk through the streets with one of the GWOT hats proudly declaring that you are a veteran of the defense against the insidious snakes lurking in the grass thanks to your participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Afghanistan War, or the general GWOT, the civilians walking nearby will be able to see that the people defending this country are there for them. That moment of reassurance can give them the strength that they need to resist the impulse to run to fear and anger when confronted with the horrors of terrorism. Instead, they will be turning to love for their fellow Americans and gratitude for the soldiers that give them peace of mind in their everyday lives. Help restore that sense of calm serenity in your country by selecting one or more of the GWOT hats to add to your cover collection.

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