Auto Accessories


Medals of America has a powerful selection of license plates, license plate frames, hitch covers, and many other car accessories for your truck, SUV, or any vehicle that needs to show off a bit of military pride. If you’re a veteran and looking for something that shows off your branch or a conflict you fought in, look into license plates and frames. These two easy-install options can bring a customized touch of service and support to your vehicle. Why not add car accessories that support your military service? You can go with something as broad and unifying as the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, or you could sport the USAF wing metallic car emblem as your fly down the road. Were you part of a specific campaign? The most well-known campaigns can be found in the license plate, metallic car emblems, and other car accessories sections, but if you’re looking for someone to bring attention to your specific conflict just let us know! There are a lot of specific missions and campaigns out there and we want you to find everything you need in car accessory form. Whether you’re a veteran who wants your unit or command’s insignia on custom car accessories or a collector looking for more ways to show robust military support, we’re ready to help you find what you’re looking for.

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