U.S. Navy Ranks & Insignia


Every Seaman in the United States Navy has a rank. Whether that rank is recruit or admiral is irrelevant to the pride and import it holds for the Navy and for the seaman who holds it. That rank denotes time spent learning the ropes, in combat, in leadership roles and much more. It tells other seamen where one stands in the structure of the Navy. That is why each rank has distinct insignia for display on uniforms. It lets everyone know who a seaman is, and keeps things running smoothly, because in the Navy, every ship is a tight ship. Browse our well-crafted selection of Navy rank insignia today to find the rank pieces that are right for your uniform or display. We carry cloth ranks, pins, and badges for a variety of ranks. We even have links below to help you understand where and how your Navy rank should be displayed according to official guidelines. Each of our pieces is crafted in accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Institute of Heraldry, ensuring that your pieces can pass muster. Veterans are an integral part of the staff here at Medals of America, because who knows better than a veteran the importance of Navy rank insignia authenticity and quality? It's how we ensure that you get the best insignia for your collection. Once you've chosen the right Navy rank product for you, we will donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to Morale Welfare Recreation activities via Army Life and Marine Corps Life.

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