Coast Guard Badges

United States Coast Guard badges are among the most ornate, distinguishable pieces worn in the military. Designed with symbols of the sea, air, medicine, patriotism and marksmanship, each is as significant as it is elegant. Medals of America has crafted these designs into durable, attractive pieces that you can wear on your uniform or put on display in one of our shadow boxes. Every Coast Guardsman deserves badges that are made with the reverence in which Medals of America regards its products. Coast Guardsmen work extraordinarily hard to earn achievements in skills like diving, swimming, rescue, marksmanship, aviation and sailing. Browse our selection to find the skills earned that you want to display. Every one of our products is carefully crafted to be something in which you can take pride. You'll love the attention to detail and gleaming finish of our Coast Guard badges. They possess the quality and professional look that our Coast Guardsmen deserve. Medals of America is proud of every member of the United States Armed Forces. As such, we are very careful that none of our badges are out of keeping with the military's high standards. Our pieces adhere to the guidelines laid out by the Institute of Heraldry and pass the inspection of skilled veterans we have on staff. A percentage of every piece you purchase here at Medals of America will go to Army Life and Marine Corps Life to help provide activities that serve the wellness and morale of our nation's soldiers.

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