U.S. Army T-Shirts


When you're off-duty, discharged or retired, you may not have to wear a uniform, but you can still pay homage to your service with Army t-shirts. Military-related T-shirts let you express your pride in your country, unit, and the Army. Some let you commemorate battles fought alongside your fellow troops, promote your base or even crack a joke you've told before about Army life. Whatever you want to say or remember about your service, you can do it with Army t-shirts from Medals of America. Medals of America is proud to print comfortable, durable Army t-shirts right here in South Carolina. Browse our collection today to find Army t-shirts featuring military equipment, war memorials, unit insignia, and jokes only soldiers and veterans can appreciate. Our designs are bold. Our colors are vibrant. You can wear your Army t-shirts from Medals of America with pride. Whether you wear them to lunch or beat them up in the garage, you'll love wearing our t-shirts. More than 40 years ago, Army Veteran Colonel Frank Foster and his wife Linda started what would become Medals of America. Today, it is still veteran-owned and staffed. Who better to handle your Army T-shirts than veterans who understand their meaning? We're careful that our designs are authentic where necessary and are always made with quality materials. When you buy one of these T-shirts at Medals of America, we donate a portion of the sale Army Life and Marine Corps Life to support Morale Welfare Recreation activities for our soldiers.

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