Marine Patches


The United States Marines have earned the reputation for unflinching bravery, unparalleled tactical skills and immense pride in their duties. The motto Semper Fi, short for the Latin phrase Semper Fidelis, means “always loyal.” Marine Corps patches can proudly project this sentiment on hats, clothing and gear. At Medals of America, we know your service in the Marine Corps shaped you and is something you still hold dear. Display your pride everywhere you go with our USMC patches and insignia. Our Marine patches are designed from the highest-quality materials that withstand time and use. The patches we offer feature something for every Marine service member, including the United States Marine Corps logo, Vietnam service patches and division patches. Our U.S. Marine patches align with the Institute of Heraldry guidelines, and our military veteran staff use their extensive military knowledge to ensure your order is authentic and accurate. Wearing USMC patches on your clothing connects you with other military veterans, and displays to the world your hard work and sacrifice as a member of the elite Marine Corps. You can also incorporate Marine patches into a commemorative shadow box for display in your home, where you can combine them with medals, ribbons and military challenge coins. This can be a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one’s service. Consider giving your loved one Marine Corps patches to add to their wardrobe or gear. U.S. Marine Corps Patches are a thoughtful and personalized gift that shows just how much you appreciate their service.

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