U.S. Army Insignia & Badges


In the U.S. Army, your insignias represent your rank, unit, skills and occupation, making you easily identifiable to other soldiers. These pieces are worn as a matter of pride of place in the Army as well as for identification. All Army insignia have a designated position on your uniform. Therefore, if you are purchasing Medals of America Army insignia for your uniform, you can refer to the uniform regulations guides linked at the bottom of the page for the correct way to wear your pins. You'll want your love and respect for this indispensable branch of the military to be reflected in how you wear its emblems. Medals of America follows all Institute of Heraldry ribbon, medal, and badge guidelines to ensure that our products are worthy of America's soldiers. All of our Army badges are crafted to fit Army uniform regulations, and to look sharp pinned on any of your uniforms and in display cases for years to come. Our broad array of high-quality badges with secure posts and backings are symbols of your skills, unit and occupation that you can be proud to wear. Browse our collection of Army insignia today to find the right badges for your service. They include enlisted, chaplain, engineer, artillery officer, warrant officer, special forces, cavalry, intelligence badges, and many more well-crafted pieces. The veterans on staff at Medals of America take special care to ensure the individual quality and authenticity of each piece, so you can be satisfied with your insignia, no matter how you display it.

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