Air Force Patches


Since its inception in 1947, the Air Force has had the primary responsibility of keeping the skies clear and free of threats to civilians and fellow military members. The Air Force patches available from Medals of America celebrates the history of the Air Force from the early years where it was a division within the Army to the modern era where the Air Force is a sophisticated fighting force that often keeps the forces of other nation-states from attacking the U.S. or its allies by the sheer capability of their ability to wage war. The crews in the bombers of World War II flew headlong into swathes of incoming flak and enemy fighters looking to bring them down. The pilots of Vietnam flew F-100 Super Sabres, UH-1 Hueys, and other aircraft against the MiGs, anti-aircraft missiles, and anti-aircraft artillery employed by the enemy. They earned the right to a patch that honors their service in the face of danger. You can find Air Force patches for the various divisions like the USAF Special Operations patch or the skull and crossed guns of the USAF Security Forces patch, as well as patches for the numbered air forces both currently active and disbanded. The selection of Air Force patches will complete any service member's jacket's patch layout or provide the descendants of the airman some great materials for building a memorial collage that includes patches, pictures, and other memorabilia.

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