All of the books and guides from us are produced by the Medals of America Press; our founder Frank Foster has put together charts, guides, and has written extensive books on everything there is to know about the United States Military. Our books go into dept branch by branch about history of uniforms and badges as well as up-to-date uniform guides and when to wear your service uniform, dress blues, and everything in between. They are printed on high quality glossy paper and are available in hardback. Our posters are full color and put together beautifully with actual images of badges and medals with names underneath for clarification. Our medals posters are in order of precedence. The U.S. Military Rank poster is comprised of a helpful chart breaking down the insignia, rank, and rate of all branches of the military and is lined up perfectly to show the equivilant rank across all branches. Our books and guides are a perfect gift for someone from the service or a civilian that is curious about the U.S. military's rich traditions and histories. Hang our posters on your walls of your man cave or in the garage and add our books to your personal library today.

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